ou have landed on this web site probably searching something like “I need to forgive and don’t know how”, or “help me to forgive”. If that is the case then you are showing a willingness to forgive which is an excellent start. These steps are by no means the alpha and omega in forgiveness, but its steps that I have done in the past which will hopefully be of some help to you. If so all the better... if not don’t despair! By no means do I think forgiveness is easy and neither do I think forgiveness is hard. This is an apparent contradiction but like most things of faith, we only require the will to do it and the faith in a Big God to do the impossible... and God will grant us the strength and ability to achieve it.
Each step should be completed before moving on to the next. Allow some time to be spent on each step. If you move on too quickly the full impact of it will not be achieved. So don’t hesitate to bookmark the site and just do one step at a time. Don't rush forgiveness, it might take a long time to complete. Alternatively you can start with something that is easier to forgive and go through the whole progress and move on to the harder ones later.